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This is my wish for you....
A friend when you need a loving hug.
Joy when you wake, and a hot coffee mug.
A rainbow on high when you need some hope.
Faith to believe when you have to cope.
Smiles when sadness causes you woe.
Courage whenever your spirit is low.
Sunshine to brighten a gloomy day.
Beauty as you wend your way.
Patience when everything falls apart.
And love, sweet love, to warm your heart.
© - Joyce P. Hale

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Coincidence, evolution, or Grand Design.
To each their own belief; here's mine!

Whenever I see the white-capped waves
tumble upon the sandy shore,
watch the moon as it waxes and wanes
as its done for eons from days of yore;
as seasons change in ceaseless rhythm
and planets follow their orbit true ,
as day and night trail each the other
and leaves and trees and flowers renew;
the life-giving sun, refreshing rain,
the countless shapes and hues of blooms,
the butterflies and birds and creatures,
the eternal shifting of sandy dunes;
the love of parents for their child,
the natural grasp of a baby's hand;
the love between a man and a woman....
all this can only be one grand Plan.
Within my heart and soul I cannot
conceive of these wonders as incidental;
the rhythm and flow of life and death
to me cannot be accidental.

And so I thank our God sublime
for the Universe - His Grand Design.
© - Joyce P. Hale

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There are vows I made to myself this morn
as daylight crept into my mind,
promises lost that I mean to keep,
and hopes that my heart must find.
Down to the ocean my feet must fly
and thrill to the secrets of waves;
into the valleys and mountains deep
to learn the voice of the caves.
My heart shall follow the unicorn
to the hidden lakes and dells,
the fairys light will throw flowers bright;
I will follow but never tell.

I will wish on a falling star at dark,
and tell not a soul but the moon;
stand in awe as the forest weeps
and the winds in the willow croon.
I'll remember when laughter and love was all,
and wishes were dreams come true;
when I danced and danced, and danced some more,
as the myths around me flew;
when song was the only language I knew,
and I lay in the lap of wonder!
I promise myself, tonight I'll fly
and remember when dreams were younger.
© - Joyce P. Hale

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I Never.....

I never climbed the mountains grand that tower over valleys low,
that reach into the heavens high and man with fear and awe bestow.
I've never plumbed the ocean's floor or waves alive with teeming life,
the coral reefs and underworld with size and shapes and colors rife.
I've yet to take to air alone on billowed cloth or gliding span,
and probably will not ever do all things that searching mankind can.

But I have had a tiny babe wrap reaching fingers 'round my thumb,
and had the warmth of love enfold me in its arms when day is done.
I've seen the golden orb of life break forth beyond the ocean's spray,
and linger casting awesome skies for all to see at end of day.
I've watched the tiny hummingbird of fearless size in hovering flight;
and seen the wild river gallop through the gorge from fearsome height.

And so if now my God should choose to say my time is up, and call...
Why, I could calmly take His hand, for I have had it all.
© - Joyce P. Hale

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I cried, and the colors of sky and sea
blended, and tainted the hues of my heart.
I wept, and the melody of the blue
sprang forth and tore my being apart.
The tears of my soul joined the river's flow
and swept to their fate in the ocean blue;
the wind in the trees echoed my despair
as I whispered my story of losing you.
© Joyce P. Hale

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For years I chased the rainbow's gold,
and rode the carousel so gay
to try to catch the fabled ring,
and sought to capture the sunbeam's ray.
My footsteps, intent on keeping up,
bypassed God's beauty on the way.

But then one day I realized that life
was not so very long
to miss the scent of flowering blooms
and music of the songbirds' song.
My headlong race through days and years
would have no meaning when I'm gone.

Now I stop to smell the flowers,
enjoy the nights and gaze at the moon,
feel the infinite planets and stars,
listen to breezes in treetops croon;
and bask in the warmth and beauty of
the comfort of Mother Nature's womb.

Take time to tell someone you love them;
never leave caring words unsaid.
Leave the paths of nature the same
as it was before it felt your tread.
Let your legacy be love and beauty
as your earthly days here wane and ebb.
© Joyce P. Hale

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You slipped away from my life one day
like the sun from the coming rain;
silently moving into the past,
and my searching was all in vain.
Your memory wandered through my mind
and heart, and touched my very soul,
but you were gone, and all that remained
was the cold black void of a deep dark hole.

I walk the paths on which we roamed
with laughter, lust and loving eyes,
and wonder when my lover's dream
did change, and donned deceit's disguise.
And so I linger in the corners
of the happy times we knew,
reading the pages of time now past
between the covers of memory's hues.
© Joyce Petrosky-Hale

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LOVE - sometimes hidden, sometimes unbidden, sometimes obtuse and unfair;
LOVE - sometimes higher than Mankind aspires, showing us all how to share.
LOVE - sometimes painful - lonely and hurtful - leaving someone sad and cold.
LOVE - always share it! Because you will learn, it always comes back tenfold!!
© 1997 Joyce Hale

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